The Impact Open Source Software Trust

To advance global enjoyment of human rights and the realisation of the Sustainable Development Goals through open source technologies.


A world in which technology plays a critical role in the effective implementation of human rights and sustainable development, as well as sharing of knowledge, empowering vulnerable groups and creating greater accountability and transparency.


Our objectives are to advance the enjoyment of human rights and the realisation of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals by developing, maintaining, promoting and training in the use of suitable open source technologies that will

  • improve States’ and Civil Society’s ability to implement, monitor, analyse and communicate States’ human rights obligations and measures, as well as the Sustainable Development Goals set out by the United Nations;
  • encourage transparency and accountability of States’ human rights obligations and realisation of Sustainable Development Goals;
  • encourage sharing of intellectual property and technological knowledge and expertise between States and Civil Society.

Charitable Trust Deed (PDF)

Certificate of Incorporation (PDF)

Who we are

Our Board of Trustees

Moana Eruera

Chairperson, Founding Trustee

Moana is a senior human rights specialist with a focus on national human rights implementation. When working for the NZ Human Rights Commission he was responsible for the NZ National Plan of Action that can be regarded as a conceptual ancestor of IMPACT OSS.


Maria Fernanda Maxil Platas

Secretary, Trustee

Maria is a Senior Policy Analyst who currently works in the area of protection of democracy. She worked in the area of human rights for many years and is passionate about monitoring and implementation of international human rights obligations to enhance countries' human rights record.


Timo Franz

Treasurer, Founding Trustee

Timo is a software developer and information designer and responsible for overseeing the development efforts of the Trust. As director and lead programmer at Dumpark he has contributed significantly to the concept and development of IMPACT OSS.


Edith Woischin

Founding Trustee

As an interaction and information designer, Edith looks after all the design outputs of the Trust. She is a director and the lead designer of Dumpark and designed the User Interface of IMPACT OSS as well as the custom themes for its Samoan and New Zealand installations.


Core Values

Transparency | Accountability | Open collaboration | Equality | Non-discrimination | Respect | Dignity | Consensual decision making

Transparency, accountability and open collaboration

The Trustees are united in their commitment to the core values of the Trust and seek to advance these principles in the course of the organisation’s work and governance. Transparency and accountability are core characteristics of any software developed or supported by the Trust, as is being open source in nature.

Equality, non-discrimination, respect and dignity

All technologies the Trust is associated with seek to advance the fundamental principles underpinning human rights norms and laws.

Consensual decision making

The Trust Deed which establishes the Impact Open Source Software Trust sets out a decision making process rooted firmly in consensual decision making.


© Universal Rights Group

Universal Rights Group

The Trust and URG signed an MOU in October 2017 in recognition of their shared aim to advance the implementation agenda through the use of technology. Through the partnership, URG leverages its networks and influence within Geneva and the human rights sector to test, develop, and generate interest and funds for the improvement and application of IMPACT OSS.

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