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Individual installation for every state or organisation

IMPACT OSS is designed to be flexible and adaptable to suit the specific needs and requirements states and organisations may have to coordinate and monitor the implementation of human rights and SDGs. It is not a generic out-of-the-box service and every state or organisations that wishes to use IMPACT OSS requires its own individual installation.

Each installation requires both the server and client applications to be configured and installed on appropriate web servers (as both components are only loosely coupled they can also be used independently and in combination with a custom server API or client UI).

In addition, some states or organisations may wish to further customise existing or develop new features.

Managed installation

We, the Impact Open Source Software Trust, would love to help you with all the tasks needed to install and operate IMPACT OSS. You can read more about the services we offer on Support for IMPACT OSS or just get in touch at

Independent installation

You can also use IMPACT OSS independently and for free but please be aware that some technical knowledge is required.

Please see our Installation Guide for detailed instructions on how to configure and install the server (Rails) and client (React/JavaScript) applications.


Before you start, you will need to create your own copy of the source codes, selecting one of the three configuration options we offer. Alternatively to the

you can also start with one of the configuration options provided by the Permanent Mission of Singapore, Geneva and in particular aimed at Small States:

  • demo-rights branches (client, server, demo): Human Rights implementation only, no SDGs
  • demo-sdgs branches (client, server, demo): Human Rights and SDG implementation

Regardless, the installation requires the following steps

  1. Configure server
  2. Install server components on suitable hosting providers
  3. Configure client
  4. Install client on suitable hosting provider


We have developed the following resource to support the installation of IMPACT OSS:

Installation Guide (customise or contribute on GitHub)


To operate IMPACT OSS, the following is required or recommended:

  • Hosting of client and server components
  • Backing up server database and document storage
  • Providing user support

In addition, it is recommended to

  • Update client and server applications sporadically when new versions become available


We have developed the following resources to support the operation of IMPACT OSS:

Admin Quick Start Guide (customise or contribute on GitHub)

User Manual (customise or contribute on GitHub)


You can further customise the appearance and behaviour of IMPACT OSS to suit your specific needs. For the server you will require knowledge of Rails and for the client JavaScript, more specifically React.

We encourage users to make any significant enhancements available to all other users by contributing them back to the core open source project (also see Get involved).

If you need help with any of the above or custom development of new and existing features, please have a look at Support for IMPACT OSS for the services we offer or just write to